The Veterans Non Profit has an agreement with a couple of barber/beauty schools whereby they will provide free haircuts/styles to our veterans.  We would like to acknowledge Montana Barber Institute and El Pipo’s barber and beauty schools.  These school are providing this service out of respect for the men and women who have served in our armed forces.

On time, one of our clients when and created a problem/scene.  Consequently, we have drafted this policy that our veterans must use when taking advantage of this free service that is being made available to them out of the kindness of the people’s hearts.

1.     Haircuts are being provided as a courtesy to our veteran clients.  It is not something you are entitled to.

2.     Be courteous at all times with personnel in the barber/beauty establishments.

3.     You must have a voucher from the VNP when you are services from these establishments.

4.     Vouchers are only good for one visit, and must be used within seven days of issuance. 

5.     You must sign  a sign in sheet at the location that we send you to, in order to help us better track these free services that our veterans are getting.

6.     You are representing veterans everywhere and our Non Profit.  Conduct yourself well and watch your language.

7.     This service is free to you:  It is strongly recommended that you tip the person who does your haircut if you are able.

8.     Thank the school and the person who cut your hair.

9.     Because of the large number of veterans we serve, you may not get a haircut voucher more than once a month.

10.  Finally, you must sign a copy of this policy that will be placed in your file to indicate your understanding and acceptance of our policy prior to being given a voucher for a free haircut.

11.  We rotate which school we send veterans to:  You cannot request to go to one over the other.

12.  If any problems with you are reported to us by either school, you will be unable to utlilize this service again.