Veterans Pet Pantry Policy

It is the position of the VNP that many veterans have pets or service animals that are integral parts of their lives, and that when the veteran’s household is food challenged the veteran’s pets or service animals are challenged as well.  Part of our mission is to provide food for low-income veterans and their families:  We recognize that veteran’s service animals and pets contribute significantly to the quality of veteran lives and this policy is an attempt to address the needs of non-human family members.

1.     To qualify for food for pets, veterans must qualify for services from the Veterans Food Pantry.  (Be considered low income.)

2.     The veteran must sign a statement declaring their pets and that false declarations will result in their being ineligible for any VNP food program.

3.     Our focus will be limited to food for cats and dogs only and no more than two each per family.

4.     Veterans will be limited to one time service per month for their pets’ needs.

5.     Veteran’s animals shall be categorized by size, and food will be dispensed based on the size of the animal and pet food availability. (Criterion for categorization and the subsequent amount of food dispensed shall be set by the VNP’s Pet/Service Animal Coordinator, but shall be equal for every veteran’s household.)

6.     Veterans need to supply vaccination records for their pets when possible and if they do not have it they must get their pet vaccinated if we are able to provide vouchers for this service.   Failure to vaccinate when vouchers are available will result immediate suspension from receiving food from the VNP.

To download the pet pantry flyer click here

Revised 22 October 2017